their ROI

"We specified a high-performance carpet that was designed to hold up in their unique restaurant environment. The hotel had a Chef's Table in the kitchen which resulted in lots of foot traffic back and forth from the dining area to the kitchen... the perfect storm for soil, stains and premature wear.

All they needed was the right design and specification to get the ROI described below.

  • No design fees... lower overall project costs.
  • New carpet looks and performs great 6 years later... more capital flexibility.
  • Decreased carpet maintenance costs by 50%... lower cost of ownership.
  • Carpet is 100% recyclable and saves energy costs... environmentally responsible.
  • Peace of mind with one-person point of contact.
  • Continued support after installation.
  • No more embarrassment.
  • No more money draining out of their pockets.

So here's what happened with the hotel...

Is this the kind of ROI you get with new carpet?

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